A Carpet that can Install in your Basement over a concrete floor


carpet over concreteWhen laid directly on your concrete basement floor, traditional carpeting alone is not appropriate for a basement finishing project. Water leaking into the basement from the walls and or coming from plumbing leaks as well as water vapor seeping through concrete basement floors will find its way into your basement and collect in the carpet. Soon after you’ll notice that mold and mildew will form, releasing musty smells into your finished basement and will affect your health. Eventually you’ll have ti rip the carpet up and replace it.


One type of carpet that works well is ThermalDry Carpet. ThermalDry tiles, it create a thermal break in your basement floor and a vapor barrier that prevents moisture from the concrete basement floor to reach your carpet or create humidity in your basement air. The carpeting is also inorganic, which means that it will never promote mold growth or rot like normal carpeting would.

When you install wall-to-wall carpeting, you commit yourself to a long, unbroken sheet. It’s beautiful when it’s first installed, but in the back of your mind, you’ll feel the lingering threat of a stain, tear, or worn area on your otherwise perfect carpeting. What can you do if your wall-to-wall carpet is stained or damaged in a way that you cannot repair or clean? Empty the finished basement, tear out the entire carpet and replace it at great expense? Hide the mark under a piece of furniture? Live with the stain? There’s no good answer.

ThermalDry Carpeted Floor Tiles have found a better way to finish a basement floor. Available in 1’x1’ square interlocking tiles, each tile is a separate, removable piece. This means that if one becomes stained or damaged, it can either be relocated to another section of the finished basement or conveniently and inexpensively replaced without having to replace the entire system.

Available in Charcoal and Mocha, ThermalDry carpeted floor tiling comes in neutral, timeless colors that never go out of style. Easy to clean and durable enough to last as much as twice as long as regular carpeting without needing to be replaced, ThermalDry carpeted flooring is designed be long-lasting in both style and quality! So if you are looking to install carpet over concrete then this is a good choice.


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