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How to Install Cork Flooring

Installing click lock cork flooring.


Before laying your click-lock flooring be sure to measure the room to ensure that planks in the final row will be at least two inches wide. If necessary, rip the first row of planks to ensure this. Sometimes the first row must be cut to match an uneven wall. Using a block, transfer the shape of the wall to the planks.

Note: The use of a moisture barrier is recommended if the moisture level between the floor and subfloor is greater than 3%. Some Cork flooring feature a glueless, click-lock installation system and should never be nailed, glued or screwed to the subfloor. Be sure to allow a three eighths inch expansion gap around walls and any other fixed objects.

Laying the floor: Installing the first row.

Beginning in a corner, lay down the first plank with the tongue side of the plank to the wall. Using spacers to maintain a proper expansion gap, connect the next plank’s short end to the first plank, and lay it flat on the floor. Continue this process until you reach the last plank. Cut the last plank to length and install to complete the first row. Use the remainder of the last plank to start the next row as long as it remains at least twelve inches in length. Doing so will maintain a random joint pattern, keeping in mind that all joints should be staggered at least twelve inches. Installing the middle rows. Connect the short end of the next plank to the first plank. Lift both planks slightly and nudge the new plank into position, then lay both planks flat. Smacking the flattened planks with the palm of your hand can help tighten and engage the click-lock system. Continue in this manner to finish the row. Repeat these steps adding rows in a back and forth motion until you’ve reached the last row.

Installing the last row.

While maintaining a proper expansion gap, measure and rip the last row of planks to the proper width. Install the final row using the same technique as before. Once all planks have been installed, you may remove all spacers and finish off the floor with bamboo baseboards, trim and transition flooring accessories.