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Flooring Information and News on all types of Flooring

The Benefits of Tile Installation

Carpet is graded by the materials used, the amount of fiber weight and how well it is constructed. There are so many ways to make the wrong choices if you don’t get accurate and honest carpet information.

Although carpet and hardwood have been at the forefront of the flooring world for decades, tile is quickly becoming a mainstay in homes, apartments, and office buildings all over the world. While carpet is associated with comfort and hardwood is linked to elegance, neither flooring option matches the overall versatility of tile. In addition to being easy to maintain and clean, tile has connections to both beauty and safety.

A closer look at the benefits of tile installation will show homeowners and commercial property managers alike why this unique floor covering is more popular today than ever before. • From a financial standpoint, tile is noticeably less expensive than hardwood, and although carpet is usually cheaper than tile, the maintenance and replacement fees linked to carpet make it pricier than tile in the long run. • Tile is perhaps the easiest flooring material to maintain. The fibers of carpet invariably will collect allergens and other harsh toxins that can be hazardous to the health of the entire family. Hardwood, on the other hand, has a tendency of changing colors and warping when exposed to liquids and humid climates. • Furthermore, tile is fully resistant to water damage, making it the perfect choice for kitchens and bathrooms. • Spilling wine or any other colored liquids on carpet will often force homeowners to replace the flooring altogether. If the same liquid is spilled on tile, a mop and a few towels will leave the floor shining brightly. • Most tiles installed today are covered with a thin no-slip layer than will prevent dangerous slip-and-fall accidents. • Tiles are available in virtually every size, color, shape, and design. No matter how unique the interior design of a home is, there is a tile that can match and enhance the overall appearance of the house.

Anyone considering replacing their current flooring with tile should consult with a tile installation specialist to learn more about how tile can improve the look and value of their home.

The author of this article is Kyle Sims, a freelance writer.