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Flooring Information and News on all types of Flooring

Growing Popularity of Bamboo Flooring and Vinyl Flooring

Both and vinyl linoleum flooring have been around for quite some time. In recent years that there has been  a growth in the popularity of making use of bamboo flooring as well as vinyl in flooring. Both bamboo flooring and vinyl flooring are alternatives to ceramic and such other flooring. It is an increased understanding of their aesthetics and beneficial properties that have led to an upsurge in popularity of bamboo flooring  and vinyl flooring.

Popularity of bamboo flooring

Bamboo being a grass as opposed to being part of a tree trunk (like various woods) has a special finished appearance. There is an eye-catching pattern formed by the slightly darker bands at the nodes of the bamboo that makes it distinct from wood. Besides, the tightness of the grain of bamboo and its uniform color also set it apart from the woods. The appearance of the finished bamboo flooring product is also further enhanced by the various plank constructions.

Though belonging to the grass family and despite being hollow within bamboo is in fact stronger than even most hardwoods. It is hard and resilient and can absorb a greater impact than most of the hardwoods without getting dented. Bamboo also has the astounding dimensional stability and moisture resistance properties.

Bamboo flooring is also perceived to be environmentally friendlier as there is a growing concern over depletion of hardwood forests nowadays. Bamboo grows at an extremely quick pace as compared to hardwoods and can be cultivated and harvested over a five year period while hardwoods may take a period of time not less than thirty years to mature with some species taking over a hundred years for maturing.

Vinyl flooring popularity

Just as bamboo flooring the vinyl or linoleum floors that have been around for years have also come to focus now as a suitable alternative to the common floorings. It is the sheet vinyl that is the most popular of the vinyl floor as it is affordable and easy to install. Vinyl tiles give the look of ceramic tiles while coming at a lesser cost. A wide range of colors and styles are available in vinyl flooring to suit the flooring of various rooms. Vinyl flooring is quite like laminate flooring in which a pattern layer lies on the surface of the floor.

Bamboo and vinyl flooring involve lower expenses. Besides, they also host a number of positive attributes. All these contribute to making the two kinds of flooring feature among the most popular floorings of the day.