How to clean laminate flooring

  1. Vacuuming, dusting with a clean dry cloth, or damp mopping the floor regularly to prevent loose dirt or grit from scratching the floor’s finish is the routine way in caring for your laminate floors. Using “soap free” cleaners on a regular basis will help to keep the laminate floors looking beautiful for many years to come. Abrasive cleaners and pads including Comet, Soft Scrub, steel wool and nylon scouring pads should not be used on laminate flooring because it can damage the finish.
  2. Use a slightly damp mop with a rinse free, or non-sudsy ammonia mixed with water according to the ammonia’s instructions for normal cleaning.
  3. Footmarks and most stubborn dirt can be removed by damp mopping the floor. Just be sure that the mop has been wrung out thoroughly. Excessive amounts of water or wet mopping should never be done on your laminate floor. You can also wipe these messes up with a damp cloth that has been wrung out very well.
  4. Wipe up any liquid spills immediately to avoid liquid penetration into the seams of the flooring.
  5. Refrain from using mop-and-shine products, due to that they will leave a dull film. Do not wax or polish the laminate flooring.
  6. Acetone nail polish remover or other mild solvents containing alcohol can be used to remove marks and stubborn stains. This can also be used to remove hardened glue left over the laminate floor after it has been installed or special glue solvents can also be used.
  7. Use non-staining, walk-off protective mats at exterior entryways, and in heavy traffic areas to keep dirt and grit from scratching the floors.
  8. If moving large appliances such as ranges, refridgerators, ect, be sure to use caution so the flooring does not get scratched or torn.
  9. Recommended is the use of felt pads and protectors on the base of all furniture legs, and drip trays are also recommended for under any potted plants. Wide rubber rollers should be affixed to any moveable furniture, instead of hard plastic or metal rollers.


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