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Flooring Information and News on all types of Flooring

The owner of the company demonstrates the installation of black and white checkerboard pattern peel and stick vinyl tile on a cement garage floor. Although he’s been selling this tile for over 10 years as a wholesale distributor, this is the first time he’s ever installed peel and stick tiles himself. Here, captured on video in his own home. To see all our great styles and super-low wholesale prices, go to www.mazerwholesale.com.

He is installing peel and stick tiles today on his own garage floor. This is his first ever attempt at installing tile himself. This floor is old It has oil and rust stains. It has only been broom swept and scrubbed with soapy water just 1 hour prior to the filming of this video. Clean the surface as thoroughly as possible for best adhesion of the peel and stick tile. This floor has 40+

years of ground-in dirt & stains. Boxes are packed neatly into larger cartons to assure lowest shipping cost and maximum protection against damage. The adhesive on this tile is really strong. It sticks on cement, wood, and previously laid flooring. Just peel off the paper backing and stick the tile down. Just put one tile in front of the other and work your way to the wall. It’s THAT simple to install peel and stick tiles. If you don’t position a tile correctly, just peel it up and reposition it.
You have a couple minutes before the adhesive really sticks strong. In just a few minutes your floor starts looking great. It’s exciting to see your progress so quickly!