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Garage Flooring Treatment

The best thing about which ever garage floor sealer or covering that you choose is that it will allow you easily clean up any sort of spills or oil drips while giving your floor a clean new finish. One of the worst things about your typical concrete floor is that it is highly absorbent and almost sponge like. This means that any spill of paint or leaked from your vehicle is irreparably absorbed into the floor and almost impossible to remove. On the other hand, a garage floor treatment such as epoxy will allow you to easily wipe up any spills with a simple rack and some water.

In prepping your garage floor for treatment you will need to make sure that you rent or hire someone to go over the floor with a pressure washer that will remove all the surface worked and stains possible. It is also recommended to use some sort of detergent with the pressure washer or acid treatment, but make sure to read the garage floor treatment instructions so that you do not clean the floor with a chemical that will react poorly with your new garage floor treatment.

Once everything is prepared you simply need to fill in any cracks so that you have a smooth surface to apply the treatment. Most of the floor coverings on the market retains some flexibility after crying and will be able to flex with any concrete movements to some extent. This means you will have less to worry about when it comes to the natural expansion and contraction of your concrete floor due to winter and summer weather conditions.

If you have used different types of garage floor coverings before leave us a comment as to what your experience has been so everyone can learn the best techniques for applying a garage floor treatment.


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