Cleaning Tile Floors

Oxygen bleach is a great product to use when cleaning a tile floor. Oxygen bleach is non-toxic, doesn’t produce harsh fumes, is color safe and fabric safe. It removes all food and grease stains with no or minimal scrubbing. The oxygen ions in the solution attack the stain molecules breaking them into pieces that rinse away with little effort.

To clean floor tiles, all you need to do is mix any high-quality oxygen bleach, with warm water. The next step is to pour the solution onto the floor tile so the grout lines are flooded with the solution as if you had spilled a glass of water. It’s best to apply the oxygen-bleach solution to dry grout so the solution soaks deeply into the grout. You let the solution sit on the grout for at least 15 minutes, allowing the oxygen bleach to work on its own. If it completely soaks into the grout, you add more solution making sure there is always plenty of the cleaning liquid on the grout.

Cleaning floor tile grout doesn’t have to be a battle. The longer you let the solution sit on the grout, the less work you have to do cleaning tile flooring. You can let the solution sit on the grout for hours, as the oxygen ions work for up to six hours. To get maximum cleaning results, it helps to scrub the grout lightly after 30 minutes. Always pour new solution onto the grout as you scrub.