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Flooring Information and News on all types of Flooring

Tile Flooring Manufactuers


When it comes to Tile flooring, there are no other types of flooring that has options, styles and opportunities to express your creativity than tile. Choose stone, ceramic or porcelain, and arrange it in nearly endless patterns. With so many colors, patterns and sizes to choose from, there are numerous ways to make use of tile in your home. Tile has especially a favorite in bathrooms because of its capability to handle water and moisture, tile is perfectly suitable in kitchens because of it’s durability and ability to resist spills. I’m sure there are many other spaces in your home suitable for tiling, ranging from contemporary to traditional. Listed below are links to the major tile manufactures in the world.

Below is our list of Tile Flooring Manufacturers


American Olean offers a variety of beautiful tile options for both residential and commercial spaces.  Product categories include porcelain, quarry, glass and metal, stone, mosaics, pool elements, trim, and finishing touches for floors (and walls).  In an effort to support those building projects that wish to achieve certification under the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) Green Building Rating System, American Olean uses only environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. By providing products that will satisfy requirements for various projects that need to incorporate green materials, American Olean can provide customers with exquisite tile floor options while keeping the environment in mind.


Founded in Maryland, Chesapeake Flooring creates flooring products that stay true to it’s chesapeake roots. They strive to create a casual flooring line that balances both comfort and elegance. Because Chesapeake Flooring believes you should purchase your floors with confidence, they offer some of the best flooring warranties in the residential and light commercial flooring markets.


Chesapeake Ceramics retain the natural beauty of ceramic, porcelain and stone to add a coastal atmosphere and style to your home. Their ceramic flooring products bring the casual and stylish feeling that is so prevalent in the Chesapeake Bay. With a large variety of colors, sizes and textures you are sure to find the perfect ceramic flooring for you home and style.


Interceramic is one of the largest manufacturers of ceramic tile in North America today. They have 30 years of experience bringing some of the most advanced and beautifully designed ceramic flooring products on the market. In addition to be a manufacturing leader, Interceramic is leading distributer of ceramic tile flooring as well.

Interceramic has been dedicated to quality and innovation since its start in 1979. Year after year they exceed standards provided by both the American National Standard Institute and the American Society for Testing and Materials. Interceramic strives to provide its customers with the latest trends and fashions in ceramic tiles available.


Through effective planning and unique processes, Interceramic produces ceramic flooring that has limited impact on the environment. They commit themselves to the promotion of sustainable operations and services. They utilize responsible management practices to stay energy efficient, keep natural resource consumption low and minimize waste to preserve our ecosystem.

Interceramic uses an advanced dust collection process that creates modern particle reclamation. The water they use in their manufacturing process is 100% recyclable, and all Interceramic ceramic flooring is made with natural clays and minerals that come straight from the earth.


MAPEI is an international company which specializes in adhesives, sealants, and chemical products for building.  One brach of MAPEI has evolved over the past 75 years to become a leader worldwide in the manufacturing of total systems for floor covering installations in both residential and commercial construction.

Their surface preparation products condition floors for the optimal installation of tile and other flooring types.  Installation products include adhesives, mortars, admixtures, and grouts, which will ensure satisfaction for each customer and their choice of flooring.

Another branch of MAPEI has specifically begun to expand rapidly into the U.S. market.  MAPEI’s Concrete Restoration Systems (CRS) help to repair concrete that has been damaged in industrial or commercial projects.

To aid in leveling and smoothing out interior and exterior construction surfaces, MAPEI has also developed a unique family of self-leveling underlayments and screed mortars.

Throughout all of MAPEI’s manufacturing practices and products, including grouts, mortars, sealants, and adhesives, there has been a strong level of commitment maintained toward sustainability and the environment.

In addition, MAPEI also maintains a high level of commitment to their customers needs by offering the best products, service, and support.


Marazzi became the first Italian-owned ceramic manufacturer in the United States in 1982 and has been creating beautiful ceramic flooring products for 25 years. Marazzi has factories located globally, creating tiles that combine beauty and aesthetics with performance and function. They live up to the strict standards of architects and interior designers while creating ease of use for homeowners like you.

They partner with some of the best artists and technicians to create a beautiful product that is ahead of its time. The beauty of Marazzi tile is matched by advanced technology and stringent quality controls to ensure you get the best possible product they can offer. Their dedication to continual improvement means Marazzi ceramic tile will always be a great choice for those looking for style, function, and durability along with the best value for their money.


Marazzi ceramic flooring is created with not only the highest quality in mind, but with the sustainability of the environment as well. They meet the challenge of producing products in this modern-day business environment, while protecting the earth we all live on.

They hold their reputation as environmentally friendly to a high importance and take clear, quantifiable steps to ensure they are a sustainable organization. To guarantee their commitment to the environment, Marazzi uses a third-party organization to certify their efforts and hold them accountable for the way they run their business.


Shawmark carpeting is a durably designed, stylish carpeting that is made to hold its brand new appearance for many years. This long-lasting carpet is backed by the industry’s best guarantee, because of its exceptional performance. When you buy Shawmark, you know you are a getting a quality carpet or you’ll get your money back.

Shawmark also received a 4.3 out of 5 on the Hexapod test, which tests the resiliency of the carpet. The test places the carpet under harsh conditions designed to simulate long-term foot traffic. A 5 on the test means there was no change to the carpets appearance meaning Shawmark shows minimal damage after extreme stress testing.


Shawmark is designed to emit very low chemical emissions. Their carpet is not only safer for the environment, but also safe for your home’s air. The CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) awarded Shawmark the Green Label Plus certification for indoor air quality. If you are concerned about the environment or your home’s air quality, Shawmark is a great option.

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