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Rustoleum Epoxy garage floor coating

Garage floor coating instructional Video

Rust-Oleum EPOXY SHIELD Garage Floor Coating creates showroom-quality surfaces. Protects against gasoline, antifreeze, motor oil, salt and hot tire pick-up. Kit includes 2-part water-based epoxy coating, concentrated cleaner, decorative chips, stir stick, detailed instructions and an instructional video.

Q: Which product has the best resistance to gasoline?
A: Only EPOXYShield Garage Floor Paint has gasoline resistance.
Q: Can EPOXY SHIELD be used when outside temperatures are cool?
A: EPOXY SHIELD should not be applied when air temperatures are below 60 degrees fahrenheit and surface temperatures are below 55 degrees fahrenheit . You also should not use these products if the overnight temperatures are forecasted to fall below 50 degrees fahrenheit .
Q: How long should the overhead garage door be left open to avoid cloudiness/blushing as EpoxyShield dries?
A: If you can leave the door open for 3-4 hours, that will let the finish dry to the touch. This is the most critical period.


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