Floor Covering News and Information on all types of flooring

Flooring Information and News on all types of Flooring

Are you looking for a list of laminate flooring manufactures? We wanted to provide you with some of the top laminate hardwood flooring manufacturers that you can trust.  These companies have gone out of their way to produce amazing products of which they are proud but also a product they feel confident you will love.


Armstrong has hundreds of flooring options sure to satisfy the needs of any homeowner. Armstrong hardwood floors come in various wood species. You can find anything from classic oaks to tropical woods. If you’re looking for a modern tile look without the tile feel, check out the Armstrong vinyl flooring options. These come in almost every look from tile and stone to wood and slate. For easy maintenance and cleanup, try the vinyl or laminate options offered.


The “real wood” look for less. Armstrong laminate flooring has distinct grains that create realistic wood looks. They’re more affordable and allow for easier maintenance than other flooring options. At the same time, they give homeowners the beautiful designs and sophistication of hardwood flooring.  Install Armstrong laminate flooring anywhere in your home safely and easily.


Armstrong continually reduces its carbon footprint and produces products that allow their customers to limit the negative impact that is put on the environment. Armstrong has received many certifications and awards for their effort to be environmentally friendly. Armstrong received certification from The Climate Registry in 2010. They have also won the Greenhouse Challenge Plus Award for reducing their gas emissions by 23% in 5 years. These, with many other awards and certifications, shows how dedicated Armstrong is to preserving the world around them.


Bruce flooring is all about authentic craftsmanship and innovative manufacturing techniques. This is how Bruce flooring obtains that unmistakable premier quality so easily seen in the hardwood flooring and laminate flooring options.There are hundreds of Bruce hardwood and laminate flooring options. You can find exactly what your home needs to give it the style and feel you want. Take care of your Bruce floors and you will easily enjoy them for many years.


If there was ever a flooring option that fits the family lifestyle, Bruce laminate flooring is it. This flooring option is highly durable, which is perfect for holding up against the harsh treatment of kids or pets. Bruce laminate flooring is also extremely affordable. You can now get the expensive hardwood or slate look without the high price tag. Maintenance is easy, which is ideal for busy families who still want a clean house.


All of the Bruce flooring products are made with the best materials, but Bruce has various levels of quality that impact your warranty and your Bruce floors “allowable character.” The allowable character refers to the amount of knots, mineral streaks, pinholes and other traits. The higher you step up in quality the fewer character traits you see. Additionally, your warranties are expanded the higher in grade you buy.


From our Carolina roots, Carolina Home was formed to bring consumers exceptional value and durability in flooring. And with unique design sensibilities that emanate from the Carolina region with all its new found sophistication.

With Carolina Home, premium living is now also affordable and lasting. With a floor to compliment your style and with most products offered from stock for immediate delivery. Carolina Home offers great value.

As Carolina Home grows, we will be adding exclusive distribution across North America to better service you locally with full support. It is our goal to offer superior product selection assistance and post-sale support.


All of Columbia’s unique hardwoods are grown domestically in America and are know for their beauty and originality. Columbia’s hand-crafted hardwoods are perfect for homeowners who are looking for something original to showcase in their home.

Columbia creates laminate flooring inspired by the unique hardwoods they create. With every detail of actual hardwood included, their laminate floors have an extremely realistic look. They use that same attention to detail to create their stone, slate and ceramic laminates.


Columbia offers both laminate wood floors and laminate tile floors. You can get the beauty and detail of Columbia’s hand-crafted hardwoods with the ease and low price of laminate wood flooring. Columbia’s proprietary blend of high style and design elements gives you a many Specialty Designs to choose from.

Columbia tile flooring gives you the beauty of stone, slate and ceramic without the hassle of messy installation. They create a realistic appearance and feel that will give your home a contemporary high class look for a lot less.


Congoleum has been manufacturing innovative resilient flooring since 1886, solidifying its role as a resilient flooring expert in the industry. The only flooring manufacturer in the U.S. that solely products resilient flooring, Congoleum has become one of the most advanced and knowledgeable manufacturers of commercial and residential resilient flooring.

A commitment to design, quality and innovation is evident in all of Congoleum’s resilient flooring products – a commitment that Congoleum has been perfecting for over 125 years.


Congoleum resilient flooring is state-of-the-art, stylish, durable and versatile. Over the past 125 years, Congoleum has developed several patents, which have resulted in flooring products that are truly unique, allowing the company to set itself apart from the rest of market.

Resilient flooring, also known as vinyl flooring, provides both durability and style, making it a favorite of many homeowners and businesses. Congoleum is a leader in providing the best in resilient flooring, with products specifically engineered to meet customers’ lifestyles.

Resilient flooring options in a large variety of colors and styles means you can enjoy all the benefits of Congoleum resilient flooring while adding a beautiful touch to your home or commercial space. Congoleum’s design team is dedicated to staying ahead of marketplace trends, constantly improving designs and providing the most attractive resilient flooring on the market.


Congoleum is proud to manufacture sustainable flooring, the majority of which is produced here in the U.S.A. Congoleum has a long history of supporting American workers and jobs – their resilient sheet products have been manufactured in the Northeastern U.S. since 1886, and their tile and plank products have been made in Trenton, New Jersey, since 1947.

Not only are many of Congoleum’s resilient flooring products proudly made in the U.S.A., but they’re environmentally sustainable as well. Congoleum has made large strides over the past 125 years to reduce the environmental impact of their manufacturing processes, adhering to a corporate environmental policy and taking steps such as utilizing recycled and reclaimed pallet lumber in their products.


FloorMuffler believes it’s what’s underneath that counts. That’s why their premium grade flooring underlayment was chosen by award winning researchers as “The World’s Greatest” flooring underlayment.

Their product is extremely light and flexible while also being incredibly strong and durable. Made in the USA, it’s easy to install, mildew and mold resistant. It surpasses the most stringent emissions standards in North American ensuring your home’s air quality will stay healthy.


FloorMuffler’s proprietary advanced cell technology provides helps to ensure the most robust compression characteristics available in the market today. Their underlayment has the highest rated acoustic barrier on the market meaning it stops the most through-the-floor and footfall noise.

FloorMuffler underlayment also provides superior protection from damage caused by moisture, exceeding industry standards by a whopping 700%.  FloorMuffler is available for use in both commercial and residential applications.


Kronotex USA began manufacturing in the United States in 2000 and by 2011 had nearly doubled in size. There quick growth and ability to supply the needs of the marketplace has earned them the nickname “The Quite Giant” in the industry.

They Specialize in creating laminate-flooring planks that are sold to distributors, dealers and chains around the country.  The secret to Kronotex USA’s success is likely a result of three things: quality standards, environmental sustainability and manufacturing process.


Kronotex USA believes in improving the American economy by keeping their manufacturing plants in the United States. They believe in using the best workers and craftsman and America is the perfect place to do it.


Kronotex USA performs strict and continual quality control testing both on site during the manufacturing process and out on the floor when the final product is ready to insure that every plank of laminate flooring they produce lives up to their reputation of quality and durability.

A few of the tests they are perform are for:

  • Color consistency
  • Swelling
  • Curing
  • Resistance from abrasion
  • And bonding

This stringent testing and dedication to quality has left Kronotex USA with a 99.5% customer satisfaction rating.  Which is why some of their warranties last up to 30 years!


The Laminate flooring produced by Kronotex USA is actually more environmentally friendly than carpet, LVT and a lot of hardwood flooring products because of the durability and long-lasting nature of their laminate planks. They’ve also been awarded the Greenguard certification meaning they produce low chemical emissions, which is better for the air quality enjoyed by you and your family.


Lamett employs some of the best designers to create the most appealing flooring products on the market today. They set the standard for quality in every flooring option they have available. If you are looking for a wide range of quality options at affordable prices, Lamett is an option you should absolutely consider.

Lamett is known throughout the industry as a trendsetter in laminate as well as wood flooring. They are a leader in fashion and innovation in their industry and are constantly striving to produce higher quality and more fashionable flooring options.


Lamett creates replications of traditional flooring materials using high quality laminate and advanced printing technologies. They have a wide variety of laminates that look and feel like hardwood, ceramic, stone and many more.

You can get all the beauty of these flooring options without the high cost and maintenance hassles. With the selection of laminate flooring options offered by Lamett, you will be sure to find something to fit your style and needs.


Moreland Company USA is a leading plywood underlayment manufacturer committed to sustainable forest management worldwide. All of our premium plywood underlayment and other quality wood products are manufactured to be environmentally friendly using only the highest quality sustainable hardwoods and incorporating Breathe Free® marine-grade adhesive that meets or exceeds all toxic air emission standards. Best of all, our premium plywood underlayment products, like UltraplyXL, carry a transferable Lifetime Warranty (commercial & residential).


MP GLOBAL PRODUCTS was founded as Midwest Padding LLC in 1997. For more than 15 years, we have taken what is discarded and may be deemed as trash to some and have embraced those raw unwanted materials as our way of business.  We are problem solvers, innovators, and an eco-aware company with environmentally friendly, high-performing fiber acoustic floor underlayment products for laminate, flooring underlayments for tile, and flooring underlayments for hardwood.  We were “Green” before it was even fashionable.  Our QuietWalk® brand rapidly became a leading laminate floor underlayment for the entire floating floor underlayment industry. At first, our competitors scoffed at our “ugly” underlayment, but today they are scrambling to invent their own green flooring underlayment story.

Our flooring underlayment options are specifically geared to address moisture protection, sound deadening, and sustainability.   Many of our floor underlayment products meet the most rigorous independently certified indoor air quality standards.

Today, more than ever, architects and designers specify and recommend our flooring underlayment products for home construction, commercial, high-rise apartment complex or condominium.


Shawmark carpeting is a durably designed, stylish carpeting that is made to hold its brand new appearance for many years. This long-lasting carpet is backed by the industry’s best guarantee, because of its exceptional performance. When you buy Shawmark, you know you are a getting a quality carpet or you’ll get your money back.

Shawmark also received a 4.3 out of 5 on the Hexapod test, which tests the resiliency of the carpet. The test places the carpet under harsh conditions designed to simulate long-term foot traffic. A 5 on the test means there was no change to the carpets appearance meaning Shawmark shows minimal damage after extreme stress testing.


Shawmark is designed to emit very low chemical emissions. Their carpet is not only safer for the environment, but also safe for your home’s air. The CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) awarded Shawmark the Green Label Plus certification for indoor air quality. If you are concerned about the environment or your home’s air quality, Shawmark is a great option.


Quick•Step® floors offer stylish looks that are built to stay that way. Our residential limited lifetime warranty covers wear, staining and fading, as well as our Uniclic® locking system.



Choose from fashion-forward solid and engineered strand woven or traditional horizontal and vertical construction. Wellmade bamboo floors feature our commercially rated HardMax finish and are available in standard tongue-and-groove fit or the Uniclic® floating installation system.

  • Abet Laminati Parqcolor® – HPL laminate floors from Italy.
  • Alsapan – SA French manufacturer of Alsafloor Laminate Floors
  • Alloc® Inc. – Mechanical (glue-free) locking laminate floor system from the Berry Group.
  • Armstrong World Industries – Armstrong Laminate Floors, including Imagin, ArmaLock & Armstrong Swiftlock™ glueless floors
  • Aismalibar S.A. – decorative HPL Laminate products, called Flint
  • Balterio Laminate Flooring   – a leading laminate flooring manufacturer including and a subsidiary of Spanolux, dic. Balterio N.V. Belgium
  • Berry Group – a leading laminate manufacturer including BerryLOC®, Alloc Original®, Alloc Home Flooring® & Fiboloc®
  • BHK of America –  Moderna Glueless Flooring Systems by BHK
  • Bruce Laminate Floors – Bruce® manufacturers TrueLock glueless, Traffic Zone® & Carnival™
  • Classen® – USA – Classen’s Glueless Laminate collections with the Connect System
  • Columbia Laminate Flooring – Manufacturer of laminate wood floors & laminate tile floors.
  • DuPont Laminate Flooring – Microbeveled, glueless laminate flooring with exclusive InterPlank Design and pre-installed foam.
  • Duramar California – manufacturer of woodgrain laminate floors.
  • Faus Laminate Flooring – Laminate flooring producer from Spain.Offering a variety of glueless planks, up to 12 inch wide longstrip laminated floating floors.
  • Garnit s.r.o. – manufacturer of KARAT (HPL) laminate floors
  • Kaindl Flooring – A leading manufacturer from Austria, including MASTERFLOOR CLIC2CLIC- Laminate Flooring with a glue-less installation system
  • Kronotex – Kronotex laminate floors with glueless locking systems: Timberland Clic & Basic Clic
  • Krono Swiss Laminate floors by Kronospan Switzerland AG
  • Laminex -Australian manufacturer of Vision® laminate floors
  • Liri Industriale -Italian manufacturer of Pavimel HPL laminate floors and decorative melamine papers
  • Mannington Laminate Flooring – Mannington laminate floors, including M-Lock glueless, iCore, Exotic & Historical Collections
  • Mohawk Laminate Flooring -Mohawk Laminate flooring in a wide variety of styles and colors, including glueless laminate floors.
  • Pergo Laminate Floors -manufacturer of Pergo laminate floors
  • Poliface Laminate -Flooring Poliface INLOC™ glue, or no-glue locking system
  • QuickStyle Industries -QuickStyle laminate floors with glueless installation
  • Quick Step Laminate -Flooring Manufacturer of laminate wood floors & laminate tile floors with the Uniclic™ Glueless Locking System.
  • Roysol Flooring -Wide range of laminate flooring including a glueless, clic system. Made in France.
  • Shaw Floors -Shaw Industries manufacturers laminate flooring in both wood and ceramic designs & VersaLock Glueless laminate flooring
  • Stalheim Industries -Manufacturer of wood based laminate flooring from Malaysia
  • Tarkett Laminate Floors -manufacturers a variety of styles and colors in laminate flooring
  • Tiger Floor -Chinese manufacturer of glueless laminate floors.
  • Uniboard of Canada -manufacturer of laminate floors with both glueless and glued locking systems
  • Valinge Aluminium AB -Swedish company that developed the glue-free mechanical locking system for flooring.
  • Wilsonart Laminate Flooring -a leading manufacturer of residential and commercial laminate floors
  • Witex Flooring -Witex laminate floors offered in glueless, glued locking systems , as well as with pre-applied cushion backing.