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Can I Lay Ceramic Tile Over an Existing Vinyl Floor?

One of the most common questions when laying tile is, Can I lay ceramic tile over an existing vinyl floor in my kitchen/bath. Well the answer to that question is yes and no. It all depends on two things, the condition of the vinyl floor and what is underneath the vinyl floor. Let’s look at these two items in more detail. Is your vinyl flooring in good condition? Ceramic tile needs a good bond to the material underneath. If your vinyl flooring is still adhering to the subflooring (not coming up at the corners or edges) you can answer yes to this question. You will want to make sure the vinyl flooring is clean before proceeding. Use a scrub brush and cleaner to remove grease and dirt before attempting to lay the ceramic tile. If the vinyl flooring is coming up in some areas it is best to remove the vinyl floor before laying the ceramic tile. What subflooring is under the vinyl floor, wood or concrete?
If your subflooring is concrete you are good to go if you answered ‘yes’ to question number 1. If your subflooring is plywood then you will want to take the time to install backerboard to the flooring. tiledbath-440x264Backerboard is a cement board ½” inch thick. Install the board by screwing it down to the floor joist. Be sure to use the recommended screws for the backerboard to prevent corrosion. If you are in an older house with solid wood floors you may have a problem with the solid wood floors shrinking and expanding based on the humidity levels. In this case you can try installing ½” plywood on top of the wood floors with construction adhesive and screws. Then apply the backboard, in this instance you can try using ¼” backerboard.
I hope this article helps solves that common question of “Can I lay ceramic tile over an existing vinyl floor”. Remember to take your time during the floor preparation.
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