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Ceramic tile counter tops

Ceramic tile counter tops were, for many years, very popular. Much hasn’t been said about them lately, but people are often using them in bathrooms and on kitchen islands. Sometimes porcelain tile is also used. There are a many pros and cons when it comes to ceramic tile countertops.  With the rise in do-it-yourself home improvements, they might be making a genuine comeback in 2010.

Benefits and Care
The biggest benefit of ceramic tile countertops is their ease of installation and low cost. If you know how to tile, then you can do this yourself. It’s simple, takes only a few days (with drying time) and looks fantastic. Tile and grout for the most part are fairly inexpensive, but as you know that always depends on the type of tile you select. Another benefit of tile is that you have an almost endless selection of ceramic and porcelain tiles, as well as various sizes and grout colors. A lot of people are even adding  accent tiles to make it more personal.

Ceramic tile is made from a pressed clay that is fired and glazed. It is easy to clean, durable and has a good heat resistant composition. The one drawback about tile is that it can chip, so banging pots and pans on it is not recommended.  It’s a very good idea to keep a few leftover tiles in case you have to replace them in the future. Believe me I know !

Sealing and Cleaning
Ceramic tile countertops don’t need to be sealed except with the usual grout sealer you would use if you were tiling a shower or floor. Ceramic tiles are a easyto clean, but sometimes that grout can be a bit difficult. Just be sure to get in between the tiles with a sponge and you’re all set.

How Does It Measure Up?
Tile countertops are far less expensive than most every other countertop available. You can do-it-yourself  in just a few days.  Besides being budget and handyman friendly, these surfaces are durable and heat resistant, just like granite but at about half the cost. You are not limited in the selection of tiles, as you might be with natural stone patterns and colors, and the overall result is consistent.