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Eco-Friendly Source of Cork Flooring

By Brighton Early

Cork flooring is one of the most beautiful wood flooring products on the market to date. It can rival any type of wood flooring in both beauty and durability. However, the big difference between cork flooring and traditional wood flooring is that cork floors is eco-friendly and a natural renewable resource. So, not only can you get the beauty of a wood floor you can also help save the environment and start going green in your household.

You’re now probably wondering, “Well, what makes cork floors eco-friendly?” the answer is the material it’s made from; cork. Cork comes from the cork oak tree (quercus suber). Now, the method used to harvest and produce cork is what makes it eco-friendly. The cork oak tree can be harvest over and over without damaging or killing the tree. The bark itself renews itself every 7 to 9 years and can be harvested. The average lifespan of a cork oak tree is about 250 years. So, with the quick rate of renewal we can stop harvesting trees and use cork as a flooring solution.

The benefits of cork floors are actually another good reason to consider it for your household. The durability rivals all other types of flooring and can actually be compressed up to 40% without damage and return to its normal shape and size. The natural properties of cork also help repel insects and allergens. There are many other benefits of cork flooring and you can continue below to learn about them.

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