Floor Covering News and Information on all types of flooring

Flooring Information and News on all types of Flooring

Hardwood Flooring Or Carpeting – Which Is Best For Your Home Or Office?


Carpeting Or Hardwood Flooring – Both Are Beautiful But The Flooring Info Page Can Help You Find The Flooring That Is Best For Your Home Or Office Thinking about a new hardwood floor or carpeting for your home or office?  Today there are more choices for floor materials than ever before and trying to select the right flooring for your home can depend on your budget, your decor, the makeup of your family and other personal considerations. Likewise, there are many considerations to weigh when selecting flooring for your office or commercial property. The Flooring Info Page will provide you information on many types of flooring materials, including hardwood floors, laminate floors, vinyl tile and resilient flooring, ceramic tile, and carpet.  This great web site  will also give you information about many brands available so you can more knowledgeable when you talk to a flooring contractor, or a flooring supplier for a do-it-yourself project.  To help you make good choices and become a better flooring shopper, visit the Flooring Info Page at http://www.clcweb.com/floors . Hardwood Floors There are two basic types of hardwood floors, solid wood floors and engineered wood floors.  Both are very beautiful and durable, but each has some limitations. Solid hardwood floors are usually installed during the initial construction of a home or commercial building, and the types of solid hardwood available are much fewer than the engineered variety. They also have to be nailed down during installation, making sub-flooring a requirement if your base floor is concrete.  If you like exotic hardwood floors, you may want to look into the engineered hardwood. The Flooring Info Page takes a look at the different types of hardwoods, how they are installed and some of the great choices out there to make your home more beautiful. Carpeting The selection of carpet color and texture is a very personal choice. Carpet comes in almost every color, pattern, and texture you can imagine. You will want to select a color that unites your decorative elements and creates the atmosphere you desire. Ever-popular beige carpet can make a room look spacious; but for a bolder statement, look for a common color in your furniture and draperies. Choose a carpet with a similar hue. Environmental colors, like blues, deep greens, rosy quartz, and stony neutrals are becoming increasingly popular.  The Flooring Info Page has the information you need before you visit the carpet dealer. To help you make good choices and become a better flooring shopper, visit the Flooring Info Page at http://www.clcweb.com/floors .


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