How to Deal with Carpet Issues


Descriptions of common carpet issues and how to deal with them!

Sprouts: If your carpet shows parouts, don’t worry, it isn’t growing. With cut pile carpet, small tufts or sprouts can stick up above the surface. Don’t pull them. Clip them off with scissors.

Snags: Pulling or snagging can occur when a sharp object like a loose

Dents: Remove a dent by stroking it with the edges of a coin. You can also use a hair dryer (hot air) or a steam iron very lightly to raise the dented area while you tug up ward on the tufts. CAUTION: DON’T LET THE IRON TOUCH THE CARPET.

Crushed Pile: Vacuum regularly with “beater bar” type vacuum, or use a plastic or

wooden carpet rake to restore matted down pile.

Burns: Should your carpet endure a burn, remove the tops of the darkened, burned fibers with a curved fingernail scissors. If the burn is extensive, your carpet may require patching or replacement.

Footprints: All cut pile carpets show footprints. This is not a defect. It is much more prevalent on deep pile carpet made from bright fiber. To minimize footprints, you might want to choose a very dense low pile carpet made from Solutia’s mid luster nylon.

Piling: Sometimes certain types of carpet, or heavy traffic, can create little balls of tangled fibers and lint. Just pull them off by hand or clip them with scissors. This information is from the Wear-Dated consumer website.


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