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Here at Lumber Liquidators and today we’re going to demonstrate a lock and fold installation using a dream home Nirvana plus laminate first thing you want to do when you bring it home and sit in the middle of your room away from exterior walls and Vince and if you have a concrete floor make sure you put sticks or plastic down to help block what’s your from the concrete from affecting your floor when you’re activating the product normally laminate floors required 48 hours for acclimation read the instructions because it may take longer you normal temperature in the room should be between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit and your humidity should be between 35 and 65% normally a maximum of 75% with 9 minutes.  After acclimating the floor more testing is the next step in the process this is what you call a surface concrete emotion meter this tool is used of the surveying tools so you want to test several areas of your concrete to see if there’s any elevated moisture anywhere in your property. If you’re looking at the top row with numbers anything over 3% with this meter indicates excessive amount of moisture in the slab and if you getting that reading you want to make sure you take extra steps and do a calcium chloride test to determine how much moisture is actually in this lab after more testing the next out if the check the software for flatness to do the snowman start asking you that level ustrated but in this case if you don’t have one you can use a long laminate plank. So what you do is take your long laminate plank and you just run it over yourself lower in any direction to see if there’s any high or low spots you trying to have the Cell forward to be flat within ⅛ of an inch over six feet. After you clean the floor and you touch for flattening the next step is to put down your motion barrier we use the dream home 6 mil poly shooting as a moisture barrier even if using a premium underlayment pad you want to use a much of area under the pad when installing laminate flooring on concrete now that you got your moisture barrier down.  

This is a dream home 6 mil poly sheeting the next step is to you than underline with cushion even if your laminate have the pad attached you can use a premium cushion like the bubble with premium underline all as long as they manufacture the products was ok to do what you think about it would underline it today because it has superior sound qualities, its antimicrobial and it also provides more protection which is the actual value to any home past like this also recommended by condo associations because of the fact that it will didn’t sound transfer blood to other for you want to keep the same about a half inch away from your wall or any other room for the air to circulate around the perimeter and evaporate when installing the next row of underlayment and you want to peel back the adhesive strip. This allows the film on the underlayment to but up to the previous row.     Right now I’m using the overlap flap and overlapping the previous row of underlayment that I’ve installed this will provide a more protective seal to help block moisture from coming my love now we have our bellawood premium underlayment down we’re going to begin the installation of a lock and fold laminate for the laminate we want to groove side facing away from the wall we want these smaller tongue side facing the wall and we want to install the laminate going from the left hand corner to the right when you’re facing the wall for this installation we can I use these spaces that come in the dream home Lumber Liquidators laminate kit and the spaces when you put two together they’re going to be about 5:16 stick so we’re going to measure the width of the board plus the left of the spacers and use that to measure off the wall so we measure the width of the plank and we get a measurement of 4 inches and 7/8 exactly footer spacer against the wall and measure away from the spacer 4 7/8 of an inch now going to mark the metal would pass a guy for my chalk line now go to the opposite side of the same wall and measure away from the spacer 4 7/8 eighth of an inch in between these two marks with a proper chalk line up the line and we have a straight starting line to start a laminate floor. Before you put the wood down the laminate floor you want to use the spacers up against the wall because his wall drywall is raised up we’re going to go ahead and take this paper to the wall so they don’t fall so you can do this with some blue painters tape that will not hurt the wall. You want to use the spacers against the starting wall and against the side wall to the left.  Okay now that we got there first plank in using again size spacers when we install the next plank we wanted to but it up and keep it at an angle set against the side wall to the left.  

Okay now that we got there first plank in rushing again size spacers when we install the next place we wanted to but it up and keep it at an angle cuz got to get it over this lip just but it up to the previous prank pushed against your spacers and then just drop it down this is not locked together it does not lock until you install to the next row was just holding in place for right now with this laminate products all the flights are full size link to do in order to keep a stager or random look.   When we start the second row we’re going to take a full size plant and cut it in half.  This side will be outside and we can use to finish off the row. Okay now we just cut to start the second row. Normally you want to have a spacer right here also before you locked the first point again so you will raise it up at a slight 45 degree angles remember you have a space right here put some force on the first row with your with your hand and body weight and then this just drop it down just lock it and drop it for the next place you do the same thing your english at a 45 degree angle to the previous row then we’ll keep it at an angle and slide it down to but up to the first place in the second row. Listen to the video for complete instructions.