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Flooring Information and News on all types of Flooring

How to Install Tile Flooring

The Easy Part of Tile Installation

It’s a lot of fun to picking out the right tile for your project. Tile is one floor covering that you can pick up and get a good feel of it. You can find better deals at online stores and sometimes you can get free shipping and no tax. You will discover a plethora of tile that you may have never know existed. Online sites may also provide complete how-to-install instructions and videos.

The Hard Part of Installing Tile

There are a lot of  potential issues involved with setting tiles that you may forget.


•Planning can be complicated because you have to think several steps ahead of the process.
•You need a good subfloor.  If you do not have a good sub-floor for laying tile, you will need to first install one or your job will turn out to be a disaster
•Perimeter tiles will need to be cut. Its best to use  a wet tile saw or at least a snap tile cutter. Its best to have both types of tile-cutting tools.
•Tiles within the perimeter can be difficult. They do not automatically fall into straight lines you will need to account for this
•The tile mortar is heavy and can be difficult to mix. Its best to buy a pre-mixed mortar however its more costly

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