How to Measure for Flooring


Correctly Measure for Flooring by watching the following videos

Doing measurements for flooring is the same as doing measurements for carpeting or tiling. Draw a diagram before measuring a floor with help from a

home repair specialist in this free video on home construction and remodeling.
Expert: Tim Gipson Contact: Bio: Tim Gipson is a home repair specialist and remodeling contractor in Franklin, Tenn.

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Floors-2-Go bring you a tutorial on the correctly measuring a room prior to undertaking a floor installation job. For more tips and guidance please visit thier advice center –

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To measure a floor in square feet, measure the length and width of the room, multiply those together, and subtract any islands or cut-ins that appear in the room. Add 5 percent to 10 percent to the square footage of a room when ordering flooring supplies with advice from a licensed remodeling contractor in this free video on home maintenance.
Expert: Tim Gipson Contact:

[embedplusvideo height=”281″ width=”450″ standard=”” vars=”ytid=7nzDuHaQomM&width=450&height=281&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep6809″ /] For San Diego Flooring West Coast Flooring carries the finest selection of tile, laminate & hardwood flooring, carpet, and area rugs. Contact them today at – (760) 736-4222

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Hopefully these videos have showed you hoe to measure for flooring.


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