Laminate flooring Installation Considerations

Installation Methods

Nails, staples, glue, locking or interlocking? The method depends on the type of floor, and the subfloor it is being installed over. Some engineered hardwood and laminate floors install via tongue and groove locking, which requires no glue between the pieces or to the subfloor below.

Grade Levels and Special Requirements

Your home has many grade (ground) levels: Below, on, and above. While many floors can be installed on any grade level, others are not usually recommended for installation below grade, where moisture can be a problem. Solid wood, for example, is generally not recommended for below grade installations.

DIY Rating

Are you a do-it-yourselfer? Installing a floor in your home yourself can save money and be a rewarding self-accomplishment. Some floors are very easy to install, especially vinyl tile and interlocking laminate. Others, including ceramic and linoleum, are best left to a professional.

Location and Considerations

Full Bathroom

A full bathroom (toilet, sink, and shower, tub or spa) needs a floor that can stand up to temperature and humidity fluctuations, and pooling liquids. Vinyl sheet floor are perfect for these rooms, while others, such as laminate and hardwood, may have special considerations.

Half Bathroom

Many floors may be used successfully in half baths (no bathing facilities). However, care needs to be taken to guard against pooling liquids, which can damage the floors or their seams.

Child & Pet Friendly

Do you have an active household? Some floor types are better than others at standing up to traffic, resisting pet nails and liquid spills, and for cushioning joints and elbows. Vinyl sheet and vinyl tile are excellent choices for homes with kids and critters.

Care & Maintenance

Today’s floors offer easy maintenance to keep them good-looking over time. Some are easier to care for than others with nothing more than simple vacuuming and mopping, while some require periodic refinishing. Laminate and vinyl sheet are two of the easiest floors to care for.

Budget Considerations

Product Cost

Are you looking for an economical floor, or is the sky the limit for your dream floor? Independent Flooring has the perfect floor for your design ideas and your pocketbook.

Installation Cost

Installing your floor whether you’re a DIY person or hiring a professional, must be factored into the cost of your project. Some require more skill and materials than others. One of our trained salespeople can provide an accurate installed cost estimate.

Increases Perceived Home Value

Any new floor is a wise investment in your home’s beauty. However, some add more monetary value to your property than others. In general, natural materials, including hardwood and ceramic, add the most value.


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