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Flooring Information and News on all types of Flooring

Natural Oiled Hardwood Floors

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The  hardwood flooring  world is  rife with  durable polyurethane,  acrylic and aluminum oxide finishes destined to save any floor from the mightiest  household disaster. For the most part they do a very decent job of protecting the floor—at the  expense   of  sacrificing   the  “naturalness”   of  the   floor.

The  one characteristic consumers cherish most about  a hardwood floor, the nature  part,is covered with a plastic film,  not too different from the see-through  plastic slipcovers grandma  used to  put over  the living  room sofa.  Living up  to its mantra, “Manufacturer of Unique and Sustainable Floors,” US Floors has  embraced the  “naturalness”  of a  hardwood  floor by  developing  an extensive  line  of hardwood and strand  woven bamboo floors  that are each  unique AND sustainable.

Navarre  Timeless Wood  Floors With  24 wide-plank  oak selections,  US Floors’ Navarre Timeless  Wood Floors  provide retailers  and homeowners  alike with the widest array of natural oil finished engineered oak floors available today. Wide widths ranging from 71/2  to 101/4 inches and  a 12-inch-wide 3- strip  platform combine with a tailored color pallet  for a seductive, selection of oak  floors.

Proprietary  finish enhances  natural beauty  US Floors’  proprietary Natural-E natural  oil finish  penetrates the  wood fiber,  protecting the  surface while enhancing  the natural  beauty and  texture of  the floor.  Navarre floors  are\ crafted  using  a  variety  of  surface  techniques  including  hand  sculpting, antiquing and wire brushing to achieve a truly timeless look. A 6 mm  (1/4-inch) oak surface  layer, the  industry’s thickest  wearlayer, provides  a distinctive
value added feature only available on  select Navarre styles.

Certified FSC  Pure Navarre Timeless Wood Floors are not only beautiful but environmentally friendly as well, carrying the 100% FSC Pure certification label designating that Navarre floors  are harvested  and manufactured  using responsible  forestry practices. Strand woven bamboo like no other US Floors also offers Natural Bamboo Wovens, a
collection  of  natural oil  finished  strand woven  bamboo  floors. The  Wovens collection features nine oil finished  strand woven bamboo references plus  four additional  references  of US  Floors’  exclusive, patentpending  Corboo  with a
Natural-E natural oil finish.

Corboo is an innovative strand woven bamboo  floor with seams  of cork  infused into  the bamboo  strands. This  innovative process provides a durable and dense strand  woven bamboo floor with a truly  unique and distinctive visual along with improved sound properties suitable for residential and commercial applications.