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Pergo Wood Flooring sold at Lowes

Below is a partial list of the Pergo wood flooring products sold at Lowes with download links to their installation instructions. It’s easy to install a Pergo® floor with a little guidance. Download a copy of their Essentials Guide for Laminate Flooring. Find your easy-to-follow installation instructions below Select Here to download Pergo Essentials Guide for Laminate Flooring.


There are a few important things about Pergo floor coverings . For starters , please understand that Pergo ( a registered trademark ) is a laminate , not an engineered wood or a hardwood . A lot of the Pergo line , although not ALL of it , is manufactured with the foam underlayment already on the bottom of each plank . With Laminate flooring , you need to have a 6 mil polyethelene moisture barrier , as well as a foam underlayment . The laminate floor is installed using the “floating” method . Just because Pergo has the foam underlayment attached to the planks , doesn’t mean that you don’t need the moisture barrier . If installed on concrete , it’s best to test the moisture content of the concrete prior to installing the Pergo , as well as any other type of flooring . Especially , if installing below grade . Laminate flooring does not do well in moist areas , so be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully . Another advantage to Pergo is it’s price . You can obtain a “wood” look with this product , although you won’t be fooling anyone . It will not hold up as well as engineered or hardwood , but it’s considerably much cheaper .

Pergo Flooring
Pergo FlooringNatural Oak

Pergo FlooringTidewater Oak

Pergo FlooringRegency Oak

Pergo FlooringAustin Oak

Pergo FlooringWilliamsburg Oak

Pergo FlooringLakeshore Pine

Pergo FlooringButterscotch Oak

Pergo FlooringAntique Oak

Pergo FlooringHayfield Oak

Pergo FlooringBrandywine Cherry

Pergo FlooringHistoric Hickory

Pergo FlooringEbonized Oak

Pergo FlooringSuffield Oak

Pergo FlooringThoroughbred Oak

Pergo FlooringCharleston Oak

Pergo FlooringWhitewashed Oak

Pergo FlooringBoathouse Pine

Pergo FlooringWhiteside Pine

Pergo FlooringWhitewashed Pine

Pergo FlooringDriftwood Pine

Pergo FlooringBlush Oak

Pergo FlooringAmerican Beech
Pergo FlooringGoldenrod Hickory

Pergo FlooringNewland Oak

Pergo FlooringSatin Beech

Pergo FlooringAllendale Oak

Pergo FlooringGalveston Oak

Pergo FlooringMeadowbrook Oak

Pergo FlooringHeritage Cherry

Pergo FlooringOld Magnolia

Pergo FlooringLynhurst Maple

Pergo FlooringShayti Walnut

Pergo FlooringMedlin Oak

Pergo FlooringBrighton Walnut

Pergo FlooringAtlantic Maple

Pergo FlooringCordovan Oak

Pergo FlooringRustic Chestnut

Pergo FlooringWhitewashed Beech

Pergo FlooringBerkshire Cherry

Pergo FlooringBombay Tulipwood

Pergo FlooringMediterranean Kempas

Pergo FlooringGolden Bamboo

Pergo FlooringMojave Mesquite

Pergo FlooringNatural Tigerwood

Pergo FlooringAustralian Eucalyptus


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