Floor Covering News and Information on all types of flooring

Flooring Information and News on all types of Flooring

Hand scraped. Bleached and whitewashed. Rugged rustic. The new Premium Laminate Collections from Armstrong and Bruce offer almost any surface treatment to help you achieve the overall visual you are seeking. Achieving extraordinary wood visuals with uncanny skill and precision, these new designs are in lockstep withthe latest trends in hardwood flooring. It’s been said that they are the most realistic looking laminates on the market and easily confused with their natural wood counterpart.

These Armstrong Laminates are  Compelling and affordable The Coastal Living Collection from Armstrong captures the rich hues of caramel-dusted sand grains with hints of chestnut brown and white wash in three distinct visuals: Sand Dollar Oak, White Wash Walnut and Oyster Bay Pine. These uncommon floors, emulating the finest natural woods, suggest island vacations and New England clam bakes, and add texture and rich graining to any room. All three visuals summon memories of lingering shoreline explorations in rugged simplicity. New Rustics Premium floors offer the charm of timeworn hardwood without the maintenance hassle. Frontier Plank and arm1Homestead Plank deliver new designs with character and classic lines. These floors command attention, and beneath the luster is a durable laminate. Armstrong Grand Illusions offers the look of exotic hardwoods from far-away places

with the performance of laminate. The  Grand Illusions is a statement in design, performance and environmental responsibility. You can create the illusion of a tropical hardwood floor without the impact on the forest, all at a price you can afford. Noteworthy for its exceptional piano finish that replicates filled-face wood for a luxurious look, the floor’s realism is also enhanced by a “kissed-edge” bevel—half the size of a standard micro-bevel—that helps accentuate each plank, emphasizing grain and texture. Wider planks also bolster the illusion. The 5- inch-wide planks that show only one “board” visual create a more realistic overall appearance when installed. The new designs include cherry (Bronze) for a cherry color palette that saturates any room with ambience; and cherry (Natural) with deep, rich cherry tones that offer warmth and beauty.

Extraordinary realism and quality define new Bruce Premium Floors New visuals in Bruce Laminates’ Park Avenue and Reserve Premium floors have the look and feel of solid, exotic hardwoods with the value and endurance of a laminate floor. Thanks to the vibrant colors and depth and realism of Hi-Definition Print Technology, Bruce laminate floors replicate the appealing look of specialty hardwood at a arm2fraction of the cost of the original, and they’re easier to install and maintain. These laminates are also are nine times more resistant to ordinary scratches, dents and dings than real engineered wood, the company claims. Park Avenue’s initial offering of five distinctive visuals—Ironwood in two colors, Pradoo, Makore and exotic walnut— has recently been expanded with three new, exotic looks. New Fruitwood Select will give any home an uptown chic appeal with planks of fine-grained wood, each with

a unique visual; rare Wenge is luxurious and dramatic, in deep chocolate tones with nearblack veins; and Mocha Maple’s carefree café au lait flair stands up well to spills and scratches. A premium hand-sculpted look is also available in the Bruce Reserve Premium Collection. The hand scraped look is one of the best-selling visuals in the hardwood category. “There’s a resurgence in demand for the handmade and unique, perhaps as a result of a passion for Old-World craftsmanship coupled with an understanding of the real-world requirements of everyday life. This well-cherry floor—in natural and wild—has a hand-sculpted look that gives any domain a polished glow. Armstrong and Bruce Premium Laminates feature numerous innovations and exclusive advancements, making each more than just a pretty product. “Park Avenue and Reserve Premium offer several unique features. The edges are stained for a ‘through-color’ appearance, but more importantly the stain provides enhanced moisture resistance, just like painting a house does, and the exclusive wear layer protects against wear and fading, and resists ordinary scratches, dents and dings.” The floors also have an antibacterial surface. Other advancements include the exclusive Lock & Fold installation system, where planks align automatically. With the next generation Lock & Fold mechanical locking device, planks install “faster and easier” than other laminates with a simple two-step process—simply lock and fold. Coupled with an up to 13mm structure, the new collections feature an exclusive core that “gives the floors their real solid wood appearance and forms a moisture barrier for superior dimensional stability.  So there’s no need to worry about moisture wicking up from the subfloor or spills soaking in.