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Flooring Information and News on all types of Flooring

Wood Flooring Adhesive Info

Water based adhesives certified as “very low emission” are the first choice for health and environmental protection. They are free of solvents or VOCs and safe to install. However, their range of application concerning certain types of wood floor or sub floor is limited.moisture-cure adhesives offer the largest range of application and highest installation security but are usually more expensive than other adhesives. The can be applied under almost any circumstances and have hardly any restrictions on type of wood floor or sub floor.

Solvent based adhesives are well proven for wood floor installation over several decades offer a large range of application but contain non-hazardous solvents which will evaporate during the first weeks after installation is completed.

Urethane based/ Powder adhesives work pretty much the same way as water based adhesives, except you add the water yourself and thus do not have to worry about freezing or transportation of extra weight. The cement that is in the powder will permanently bond most of the water resulting in a reduced wood swelling compared to water based adhesives.


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